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another internet conectivity question - clarencemartin - 09-17-2019

If I do an update -say add or delete a record- (all this is done with the records locally) and I shut the application off before the cached records are updated to the cloud? Are these local records held in limbo until I restart the program? I assume so. If someone else updated the same record before I restart my application, which update takes precedence? The assumption is: the other update was completed and updated to the cloud before I restart the previous computer with the application.

RE: another internet conectivity question - efrain.c - 09-17-2019

Hi Clarence,

cdb_sync has a parameter, pDetectCollisions, that specifies if record version should be considered when determining which update takes precedence. The record version of a record is incremented anytime an update or sync modifies it on the cloud.

If pDetectCollisions is false, record version will not be considered and the last update will win.

If pDetectCollisions is true, record version will be considered. If a record has not been updated on the cloud, your local update will be synced. If a record was updated on the cloud before your local update was synced, the local update will not be synced and you will be notified in the output so you can handle it as you see fit.

Let me know if you have any questions.