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Tutorial Videos - Peter - 05-24-2019

If I am not mistaken I believe I saw a video somewhere demonstrating how CRUD code is generated in Livecloud. Would love to see it again. 
Learning by watching videos is a great way to get started. Would appreciate it if someone can point me to the URL.
The documentation is nicely structured and easy to follow.
In the past I have gone through numerous online manuals and it was extremely difficult to read as a result of the cluttered why it was presented.

Would like to see more tutorial / demonstration videos in future.
Good show guys.


RE: Tutorial Videos - Peter - 07-31-2019

(05-24-2019, 05:52 PM)Peter Wrote: For this who are interested to see how LiveCloud generates the code to handle CRUD,
Here is the link:,

Thank you for the pointer

RE: Tutorial Videos - clarencemartin - 08-01-2019

I actually learned something from the video, that I didn't know.
I will post something about this later today.
It goes to show that as much as we think we know, there is always something new to learn.

RE: Tutorial Videos - mark_talluto - 08-01-2019

LiveCode posted two videos that may be of interest. Peter already mentioned one, but I will put links to both here.

Once we are through doing our yearly installations and training for NurseNotes, we will work on some useful videos showing how to do things. I am thinking these will be bite-sized for single concepts or tasks.