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Version 2.6.8 released - mark_talluto - 07-23-2020

######## VERSION 2.6.8 (2020/07/22)
News: IMPORTANT CHANGES! Only LCM changes are in this update. Please refer to previous updates to ensure you are current with CanelaDB libraries.
- - - - - - - - - -

Improved: Made internal store "Subscription Status" in Accounts dynamic so we can offer new plans or modify existing plans more easily.

Bugfix: When resizing the LCM window, data might not display in the main view. (Peter Bordych)
Bugfix: When new tables are created outside of LCM and the Projects button is pressed in LCM, the Project view may become corrupted. (Peter Bordych)
Bugfix: Handle authentication failure when Projects button is pressed.
Bugfix: Fixed an issue where when reseting Projects from clicking on Project button would not clean out existing project name listing resulting in old data drawing on top of existing data.