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cdb_DeleteUserAccount - clarencemartin - 07-09-2019

this is my code:

on mouseUp pButtonNumber
local tProjectName, tEmail, tPassword, tSecureMode

put "projector lab project" into tProjectName
put "" into tEmail
put "*" into tPassword
put false into tSecureMode
cdb_deleteUserAccount tEmail,,tSecureMode,tProjectName

end mouseUp
if I don't include a password and set the tSecureMode to false, I get a message that the pPassword parameter is missing.
The passwords are secure so they may not available but putting "false" still will not delete the user.

RE: cdb_DeleteUserAccount - jasonchan - 07-09-2019

There is a small bug in the api that requires password to not be empty even when you put false into the secure mode.
If you just put a placeholder in the password parameter, it will work. We will work on fixing it.
cdb_deleteUserAccount tEmail,tPassword,tSecureMode,tProjectName

RE: cdb_DeleteUserAccount - clarencemartin - 07-22-2019

This issue is still not fixed. Do you have a timeframe for this repair?

RE: cdb_DeleteUserAccount - clarencemartin - 07-22-2019

No, I'm ok for now.
You mention using a placeholder in the password field.
Give me an example of a placeholder, please.