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What is the correct procedure for updating clients version ? - Jean2080 - 07-12-2019

What is the correct procedure for updating clients version ?

While I am preparing to lunch our Beta version of MIXKIT, I came across a problem about
how to go when updating clients version after a LiveCloud Updates.

Until now when there’s been and API LiveCloud update, the procedure is to update de API and replace it 
in the folder with the new version, and after, update de code in the App. 
That works fine in a developper environment but what will happen in an App distributed scenario.

If I am not mistaking, if the LiveCloud Database get an upgrade, all the previous app using the previous version stop working ?
Am I making a bad presumption or is this the case ?

If this is the case how can we support upgrade to our clients when sometimes App distribution on Apple take a couple of days to offer a new version update ?
Will our clients have an App that will stop working, until they receive a new update threw the App Store?

Is presently one way to support LiveCloud Database update to modify our App code to basically do the following ?

Put in the app some code that Ping the LiveCloud server and verify the current version
Then compare it with the client version and if the LiveCloud version is newer…

Execute a code that will download the latest version of the API and installed it on the client hardware.
Execute code copy of the LiveCloud API code that as been save as test only stack code, so they can also be downloaded without 
having to download a full new version from the App store.
Run a test to assure that the update report a ping that is working and then run the client login 

What scenario do you propose for client App update that are already running in the field so there is no interruption of service to our customers ?


RE: What is the correct procedure for updating clients version ? - jasonchan - 07-13-2019

This is a really good question!

One thing to note is that most LiveCloud updates won't stop clients from communicating to the servers.
We try our best to not push any disruptive updates to the servers.
In a lot of the cases, even when we update the servers and LiveCloud Manager, your app can still talk to the servers without any problem despite having an older version of LiveCloud.

However, it is much trickier for the case that an update will break the communication between client and server. We had some discussions internally about this problem. We are planning to notify the community and give the developers time to update their apps before we update the servers. We will try to minimize the friction for updating the libraries.

It is a great idea for getting the update of the libraries programmatically. We will have a discussion and talk about the viability of it.

Currently, you just have to update the libraries manually and resubmit it to the appstore.