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Create Account - lemodizon - 08-07-2022


I'm newbie here to use this livecloud. unfortunately upon creating my account I have problem in choosing "Region" my region is not included in the list.

My region is in ASIA - Philippines.

can still try this livecloud as a  (starting tier - mist (free)

RE: Create Account - Linda Lu - 08-09-2022


You can create a LiveCloud account on any region of your choosing. It's recommended to select the closest region to your location for the best performance.

RE: Create Account - mark_talluto - 08-09-2022

We have plans to add more regions to LiveCloud. Currently, we have been busy getting our newest product called, out of beta. Appli relies on LiveCloud as our backend, and thus, our work on Appli benefits LiveCloud. We are looking to add more regions in Europe as well.