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User authentication: lost password function?
Hi guys,

Here's a sample stack with the forgot password and change password functionality: canelasoftware.com/pub/livecloud_examples/main.livecode

There's a few requirements before you can start using it.

1. Create a new project in LCM
2. Copy the init code to the sample stack
3. replace tProjectName with the name of the new project (all the code is in the home card)

Clicking the "Forgot Password" label will show the "forgot password" ui
Clicking the "Send" button will send the user an email to verify they want to reset their password
Clicking the "Reset My Password" button in the email will send the user a second email with a new password
Clicking the "Login" button will attempt the auth the user. If successful, the "change password" ui will appear
Clicking the "OK" button will change the users password

Please note: user local data is encrypted using their password. If a user forgets their password and changes it, any local data they have will become inaccessible. We have been discussing ways to solve this. We will swing back around and fix this once we solidify our solution.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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