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Suggestion: Add pProjectName parameter to cdb_userTableName function
I notice my apps sometimes have trouble finding the correct cdbUsers table when using the function cdb_userTableName(), due to the fact that I have several projects, each one obviously having its own cdbUsers table. Now the function sometimes returns empty (or just "cdbUsers-" without any table id), so then it doesn't even default to any project.

Maybe the pProjectName parameter could be added to the function, defining the project name, as is the case in several other cdb commands/functions?
Hi WhenInSpace,

We typically see each project as its own app. When you export a toolkit from LCM, you receive a config file that points to the project it was exported from. Calling APIs will reference the project the config points to.

With that being said, there are special cases for having an app that can access multiple projects. Is there a reason why your app needs to access multiple projects? Although its possible to do, all the APIs do not fully support this yet and there are some things you need to consider. If you'd like, you can send us an email so we can get a better understanding of what you app does. From there we can talk about potential workarounds and possible updates to APIs as needed.

- Efrain
Hi Efrain,

I've forgotten this thread. Indeed, when exporting libraries correctly (not copying existing ones as I might have done at the time), cdb_userTableName() behaves as expected. No API update needed from my side.

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