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Suggestion: add "Sort" to LCM
Hi team, I guess my suggestion is kind of self explained. The idea is to have a Sort "Icon" on the LCM,  similar to what is already available with the Search  "Icon"

Hope it makes sense.

To ";" or not to ";" that is the question
I think that is a good idea. It is not self evident how the sort works on a column today. I put it in our log of features to add.
Thanks Mark, I didn't even know that there was a way to do it already there. Can you explain how?
To ";" or not to ";" that is the question
The current sort feature is initiated by clicking at the top of the column ( near key name in the white space) one time. Each time you click the column it will sort. I think your idea of putting an icon will make it obvious. The current method is too obscure.
Just wanted to point out that we now have an icon for sorting in the columns now.

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