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LiveCloud Training Videos
We are working on training videos. Our goal is cover all the basics in the first videos and progress to more advanced topics afterwards. We are going to strive to produce a few videos every week. Yesterday was day one. The video was just published on YouTube. The first video is covers downloading LCM and creating an account. How to create a LiveCloud Account

We will update the website as well to have links to the videos. Our working list of videos includes:

Forgot Password
Main screen overview
Code builder
Query builder
First project
Building a standalone
Account Management
Trying the sample projects
cdbUsers Table

Each video has sub categories. We plan to have an outline on videos that cover sub-topics with timing on the outline. Thus, you can jump to a particular section quickly. There are more topics to cover. We are basing the videos off feedback and comments from all of you. We want to solve as many getting started pain points as soon as possible.

We are pretty excited about meeting your back-end needs and training content is a critical part of this goal. Enjoy and happy coding.
We just released a new video that does a general walkthrough of LiveCloud Manager. There may be some tips in there for everyone. Enjoy!

LiveCloud: Main Screen Overview

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