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Another BLOB Question
Can I have more than one BLOB Table or is this a reserved Table?
(10-10-2019, 03:32 PM)clarencemartin Wrote: Can I have more than one BLOB Table or is this a reserved Table?

Hi Clarence,

We provide only one BLOB table at this time. It is reserved. You may create as many tables as you want to support the cdBlobs table.

What are your thoughts about having more than one BLOB table?

I sent an email to you earlier today explaining my question. But I will explain here as well.
Having more that one BLOB table has a couple of benefits.
I do make my tables sync to local so that they are readily available especially in situations where an internet connection may be unreliable or even unavailable.
If my BLOB table has information that may be needed for other equipment or documents that one table may be all-consuming of my memory, especially if the device is a tablet of some sort. Having separate BLOB Tables might be the solution to this possible problem. I am just looking ahead for future usage.
In my case, this is an option but as I load more equipment types this could impact my application. I am now loading PDF Manuals but I forsee other documents that could be used.
Hi Clarence,

I am copying my responses to this thread for everyone to see.

For most applications, I would recommend doing your work locally. I would then suggest syncing your data on occasion. If multiple tables are being touched by sync, I would use the new cdb_batchSync API.

Blob tables are pretty light. We are not storing the blob in the table. We only store a reference to the blob in the table. You should be able to hold hundreds of thousands of blob references in the current architecture. In a future update, you will be able to hold unlimited data in that table on the cloud. You can already store virtually unlimited BLOB data today. These are stored in an S3 style bucket with CDN for performance.

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