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User authentication: customize verification email?
can you explain, to me, about this feature?
I really don't understand this.
(12-04-2019, 07:08 PM)clarencemartin Wrote: Mark,
can you explain, to me, about this feature?
I really don't understand this.

Hi Clarence,

This feature allows you to customize the emails sent to users. There are currently three emails that you can customize, the verification email sent to new users when they create an account, the forgot password email sent to users when they request a temporary password, and the temporary password email sent to users after they verify their request to reset their password. Along with this, you can also provide a landing page for the verification email and the forgot password email. Users will be redirected to these landing pages after clicking the buttons in the emails. This allows you to redirect users to a website tailored to your app after they click the button to verify their account. And for the forgot password email, you can redirect users to a website with instructions on what to do after they receive their temporary password.  

These features are controlled through LCM. You can now right-click on a project to manage your emails. Doing so will open a window with 3 tabs, one for each email mentioned above. Here you can choose your preference for each email and landing page. These features are completely optional. All projects created will default to the default emails and landing pages that we use today. If you prefer a custom email, you can upload a custom HTML file and we will host it for you on our servers. You will have to host your own websites and provide us the URL.

I plan to update LCM soon with a button that will download a template HTML file along with a readme file explaining the requirements for the HTML file. In the meantime, if you, or any developer, would like to use this feature and need a starting place, I can email you the HTML template.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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