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Sample Application question
Under the Sample ion the LCM, I am trying to build the Notepad application. Specifically, because of the description, that states: it works locally without user authentication. Is this still true? I have run into an error on line 233 of the Stack "notepad_main_behavior.
which throws the following error: stack "notepad_main_behavior": execution error at line 233 (Chunk: can't find background), char 1.
what am I missing?
Also an added comment:
The reason that I like LiveCode is its versatility in being able to accomplish the various task, sometimes using, what I might call, abstract programming methods. 
I call these "Rabbit Hole" programming methods. I am a person that uses Abstract Programming methods all the time. But I try to comment these "Rabbit Hole" scripts because I don't always remember why I take these detours in my scripts, especially when I have to go back at a later time. One of the most popular Abstract Programming methods is "behaviors" which I completely support. It's like exploring a cave, you need to have bread crumbs so you don't get lost.
Sample applications need to have commented sections so the users cannot fall into what I call "Rabbit Hole" or "Abstract" programming areas. 
Please add comments, especially in Sample Programs, to explain what is going on.
I know for the authors of these Sample Programs, the need to complete and provide these samples is paramount, but so is the need for users to understand how and why these samples work. 
Please don't take this as a negative comment. but samples are learning tools.
it seems as though the Behaviors script is not responding.

A Correction:
The behavior Script does run. I need to find the error.
put cdb_create(tDataA,tTable,tTarget) into tRecordID

this is the offending Line of the Behavior Script.
Line number 115 yields this error: "2020-01-25 11:09:26.872): Error: Local authentication failed"
Hi Clarence,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will update the sample app to fix this.

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