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Add a Key in Blob Table to help identification
Is there a way to add a new Key in the Blob Table.

This could facilitate the identification of the image or pdf object saved in this file. At the moment the only info is the ID and the type of object.

My project will hold a number of image and pdf objects , for the moment the only solution I have is to create a separate table to  manage and identifty in a fast way the objects I save in the Blob table.

Is this the only solution ?
Hi Jean,

At the moment, there is no way to add a new key in the blobs table. However, we are working on allowing the ability to add keys to that table so that creating a new table as you are doing is not necessary.
Ok I have to many images in this table so I will create a table to identify them properly, while I wait that you add a way to add keys to the Blob table.

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