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allowing new user signups to create cloned tables that hold their own data within
Hi guys

I have been puzzling over an issue. Currently normal users authenticated trough the app you create cannot 'create' tables or keys programatically from within the app. unless you hardwire your developer credentials.

so what happens in this case is that you end up with one table that contains all the users data and you create queries based on the user as one of the rules. user = sid@acczap.com  etc

It would be great to be able to clone a table , for example , let say you have a table called 'contacts' and within this table you have a key called 'common' which is a boolean key (true/false). this is your main table. 

So sid@acczap.com signs up and then the system automatically creates a table called sid@acczap.com[contacts] and also duplicates the common records with a 'true' value in the key {common}

this will be awesome, as you can program the thing to put the user in a variable && "[contacts]" and use that as the table name to tell livecloud which table to use.

this feature will be even better if you could do this on a PROJECT basis, that means the system will clone a project (on signup) where the main one is acczap.com ( with tables and fields in them- some common records you want to clone will also be marked true in the common key. In this case , you will have to add a unique field to the login screen , such as telephone number which will be the identifier on a cloned project , example: acczap.com[27343124003] ..this is because the 'cloned' project will have its own bunch of users..the main user can create a form to add users to the cloned project.

This way you can bill clients based on their own 'project' based on the metrics within livecloud manager.

and more importantly, you do not mix up your clients data in one gargantuan table ...

and even more importantly, you don't hardwire livecloud developer credentials into your app ...

Can this be done?

I agree this would be useful. As a first step (maybe simple?), it would be good to be able to create a user account with developer rights (ideally we can set exactly which rights and project) and hardwire those credentials (if no other solution is available) into the app. That way at least we don't need to hardwire the credentials of the LiveCloud 'master' account into it.

I also remains to be seen what happens if many users try to register at the same time, having the app call for multiple developer authentication from all over the place. I hope it won't be an issue...

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