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double account email in cdbUsers Table
Are you another way, so that there is no double account register in the cdbUsers table.

if I register with an email with the same password. then there will be a double account register.

email: email@example.com
password: Test123

and then

email: email@example.com
password: TEst123

then what happens in the cdbUsers table will occur 2 email accounts. I don't think this is ideal and it shouldn't be like this. There should be only 1 register account in the user table.

I tried to use the cdb_advancedQuery function but the users table cannot query. so you can't check if the same email can't double register.

Are there any other solutions to prevent double accounts?


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double account email in cdbUsers Table - by miyaa - 08-08-2020, 06:29 AM

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