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every now and again SDK becomes unusable...
Hi all,

I've had this recurring issue in developing an app based on LiveCloud -- every now and again, without any clear triggers, the SDK becomes 'unusable'. I'm guessing there is a possible corruption issue?

I just get the message 'the CanelaDB SDK is missing' -- when it's clearly there and has been in use for weeks with no issues...

The SDK folder is stored in a folder containing the LiveCode mainstack; it uses a local DB that syncs with the cloud DB with a custom handler called SyncDB pSource, where the pSource is either local or cloud and will overwrite destination at cloud or local respectively...

This type of issue seems to crop up every 3-4 weeks, I'm unable to explain why... If i download the SDK again, it works but of course my concern is if this will keep happening with the deployed app...

Any suggestions?

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Hi LiveCloud team - this keeps happening every 2-3 weeks. 
"SDK not found" in spite this being in constant use for weeks previously.

I'm getting slightly annoyed at having to re-download the SDK every time this happens.

And also quite concerned as to why this is happening - is this something that is going to affect the standalone app?
Hi Stamatis,

Is it possible that you can zip the project and email to support@canelasoftware.com so that I can diagnose the issue further?

Jason Lam
Hi Jason, 
I’ve rewritten the app from ground up. So far no issues. 
What seemed to be happening is some kind of problem with the config file. 
At present the app is heavily in flux and probably will need another couple of weeks to make sense to others. If at any point this issue recurs I’ll freeze a copy and send it to you, is that OK?

Many thanks
That is perfect Stam.


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