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every now and again SDK becomes unusable...
Hi Stan,

We found an issue with the current libraries that could cause problems.

When you do specific api calls like cdb_sdk() or cdb_auth(), your authKey (used to decrypt your config file) are updated in memory. Your config file is then saved with the updated authKey. The problem is that we were not storing the updated authKey in the initializeCanelaDB handler for you. Subsequent runs would cause canelaDB to be unable to decrypt the config file.

This usually will not bite most users as the exported SDK from LiveCloud Manager knows your authKey and provides the working key in your code.

For some apps, like LCM, the authKey will change based on different developer accounts accessing the same app. We solved this internally by saving the updated handler outside of the API. This may not be your particular problem.

The other thing we solved is that you can now have your initializeCanelaDB code be anywhere. Internally, we check your mainstack script and card 1 of your mainstack. If your initializeCanelaDB is in some other place, the APIs were not able to find and update your code for you.

We have not pushed this through LCM yet. Once we finish testing, we'll do an update.


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