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every now and again SDK becomes unusable...
We just pushed a new update to the libraries. Please give this a try and use the new API that will give you more control over your authKey being saved properly in your config file. The authKey is used to encrypt and decrypt your config as your config gets updated. Anyone that wants to use this API should export their toolkit as normal.

Please see the docs for details on the new API: https://docs.livecloud.io/AutoSetupAuthKey/

Your config file is updated when you modify your tables, keys to tables, sdk().

Normally your config's authKey will not change unless your app is designed to support multiple developer sign-ins from different accounts. The only apps we are aware of that do this would be LiveCloud Manager, Appli, and NurseNotes. If anyone plans to do this in their app, please shout out to us for guidance.


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RE: every now and again SDK becomes unusable... - by mark_talluto - 06-02-2021, 11:00 PM

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