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What is Canela working on?
I want to reach out to everyone and update you on the things we are doing. The Canela team continues to work from home, thanks to Covid. The reality is that we have been extremely productive during this time. Our team collaborates on development as if we were in the same room. It has been a great experience.

Our team remains very focused on Appli. Appli is our front-end design tool for making database apps. Our progress has been tremendous. In the last few months, our new IDE has become very clean and robust.

What kind of progress have we made? We have added the ability to create and test apps on a simulator and a mobile device. This feature alone will cut down the development cycle because you can forgo the need to compile and transfer your apps. You save your work and press a refresh button on your phone to see your updates in real-time. You are updating your actual app on a mobile device without having a developer account and app store experience.

Appli comes with a completely responsive design system that is easy to use. You can build your app for any size phone, and it will look pixel-perfect on all phones, no matter the size and aspect ratio.

We have also been working on our Appli elements (complex controls) by improving their functionality and performance. Each element solves anywhere from hundreds to thousands of lines of code automatically. Once you draw your element on the playground, the element is ready for action.

Appli takes full advantage of LiveCloud. Drag a CSV file onto the playground and have Appli automatically store the data in the cloud, build a table for you, and bind your data in seconds. Save your work and test on your phone. You will notice that the table automatically manages key features like editing your data, sort columns, rearrange columns, and rearrange rows. You can decide which columns to make visible. Buttery smooth scrolling on mobile is managed automatically for you. Pull down on the table to refresh your data. Your table can display gigantic amounts of data with its cache system that streams data as you scroll. It looks amazing!

Appli solves so many problems elegantly. It is fantastic that we will have another option for developing apps. All of this work intimately applies to LiveCloud and CanelaDB. Our database and cloud architecture is the meat of the Appli framework. Your apps are indeed databases in the truest sense. You no longer need to think about your app's file and folder architecture. Instead, you get to focus on the UI/UX in a way never before possible.

What types of apps can one create with Appli? We plan to rewrite LCM and NurseNotes in Appli. I can see our productivity increased by not having to manage the UI/UX in code. It also will allow us to release a version of LCM that can run on a tablet and phone.

When will Appli be released? That is the age-old question every software team wishes they could answer accurately. We are planning to go into closed beta this April. We have been demoing our progress and eliciting feedback with a unique group of people over the last few months. We will know more after these champions have had time to kick the tires.

What does all this mean for LiveCloud and CanelaDB? We have been improving LCM behind the scenes during Appli's development. We will soon release new under the hood improvements. We have a few new features and enhancements that we think you will enjoy as well. Mac developers will soon be able to run LCM as a notarized app. We did a lot of work on our app update system. This intense refactor will allow our software to work with modern OS requirements in the future. 

We have some big plans for LiveCloud that will allow more collaborative work. Imagine being able to invite another person to access a project on your account for collaboration. Soon you will be able to link your blobs externally to other apps. Our recent refactor of our internal ordering system added a new level of robustness.

Appli would not exist without LiveCloud. Thus, LiveCloud is more important to us than ever before. I hope this information is informative and helpful to you. Please comment below if you have any thoughts or questions.

-Mark Talluto
Updates like this are very important to us developers. Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to developing and using Appli.

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