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It takes too long to get an answer...
Hi LiveCloud users, is it just me or the folks at LiveCloud take too long to answer?

When compared with the Livecode forum this one is much slower and for a product that is in the early stage I guess quick support for the early adopters should be a must after all we could be a reference...

Just a thought.

To ";" or not to ";" that is the question
I apologize for not being able to address all the questions on the forum at a timely manner.

One of the main reasons is because we are a little bit short-handed right now. We currently do not have a person dedicated to the communication role.
As you say, the product is still in its early stage and we are spending a lot of our time trying to improve and maintain it.
Often times, we get consumed by the engineering side and failed to respond to the problems on the forum right away.

There is no excuse for the late responses and the instability we caused last week.
We will learn from this and try not to make the same mistakes again.
We are trying our best to deliver LiveCloud as its maximum potential to all of you.
Your support, patience, and input are appreciated. Your voices and opinions make LiveCloud better and what it is today.
We hope you understand that we make mistakes sometimes and it might take a little bit longer for us to respond during holidays and weekends.

We are looking forward working with all of you to push LiveCloud forward and build the LiveCloud community together.

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