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LiveCloud standalone issues...
(08-01-2021, 02:12 PM)stamatis Wrote: Hi Mark - in way of update, i did get this to work just fine. The destination (Documents vs Application Support) wasn't the issue.

The problem was that i had code accessing LiveCloud from both with the stapled splash stack (doing some initialisation) and within the the 'mainstack' which resides in a writeable location (Documents in this case). I thought that would be fine as all the initialiseCanelaDB and actual code for liveCloud resided in the 'mainstack' and i was just calling functions from there after 'start using' the mainstack from the splash stack. Seems that doesn't work for stapled apps though.

Once i moved all LiveCloud related code out of  the stapled splash stack/standalone, all errors disappeared...

Many thanks

Well done on fixing this issue, Stam. Everything changed with code-signing for Mac and Win development. I favor putting the init CanelaDB code in a behavior that loads long after the app loads and gets itself in place. 

The behavior will reside in the safe area (documents, ASUP, or wherever) to freely update the behavior.


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