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Creating unique number for a Invoicing
Is it possible to create a Unique number for ie: for invoicing:
Hi Peter

Mark has kindly done a new API that will help with this. Please see:

The APIs available are:
cdb_calcUpdate pDataA,pOperator,pTable,pRecordID,pTarget
cdb_calcBatchUpdate pDataA,pTarget

You will be able to batch as many calculations as you like on as many keys as you like.

Valid operators: "add,subtract,multiply,divide"

i would create a record in the database that holds a start number , use this api to add a number to it , store the number to use as your invoice number in a variable

The fact that it adds a number instead of overwriting it should eliminate the possiblility of duplicate numbers

Im busy myself with a POS ERP system and im pretty new to this. We can probably help each other out if you want to connect


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