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lib and project
(09-12-2021, 08:54 PM)mark_talluto Wrote: Hi Phil,

The config file is encrypted JSON on disk. It is converted to an array when loaded by the libraries into LiveCode. This file contains all the information about your table schema structure. It is project based. LiveCloud Manager (LCM) will export your entire canelaDB folder containing your config and libraries. Your database folder is auto created for you on first run of your app.

If you start work on one computer and transition to another computer, you can safely grab the whole project and copy it over. You may continue working on that project from the new location.

If you start a new project, you will want to export your toolKit for every new project.

If you modify your schema (add/remove table or keys), you need to export your toolKit over your existing canelaDB folder. LCM will only replace your config file and libraries when you do this. Your database folder will remain as it is.

A copy of your updated config is automatically stored for you in the cloud. Your clients will be able to get the updated config with all your changes automatically.

LCM can create a starter project for you. It is a good place to start because it will automatically create the project with your initializeLiveCloud code in place. You can create one with or without a log in screen. The log in code is automatically set up for you. There are comments in the code to tell your software where to go or do on successful authentication or failed authentication.

We have some good starter information about some of this here: https://docs.livecloud.io/Setup/
This may benefit others just getting started.

I look forward to your next moves in your development.


Hello Mark,

I see. OK. Your answer is clear and complete. I didn't know that it's OK to modify the database and have the users updated automatically. 
That's good. Shy

Now it need a good amount of confidence to have a part or the app in a black box. Cool

Thanks for the info.



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