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Query Operators "filter"

i didn't find the "filter" function in the query. is it really not available?

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Hi Miyaa,

We support all the standard query operators in CanelaDB. Maybe I can help you find the appropriate operator. Would you please provide some details about your query?

Thanks for reply Mark

in the documentation I found the Query Operators "filter" but in the LCM query builder I couldn't find how to use the "filter". I just want to know.
or how do i use the "filter" query?

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.png   Query Operators - LiveCloud Documentation 2020-10-15 12-19-23.png (Size: 214.49 KB / Downloads: 2)
Hi Miyaa,

I had to refresh my memory on filter being in query. I think we just need to update LCM to allow you to use it. It was a late addition to query and we forgot to update our software to provide it there. Thanks for pointing that out to us. We will get that fixed.

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