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Anyone with a professional product in production using LiveCloud?
Hi LiveCloud users, I'm asking this question because I'm in the process of migrating my App from using Dropbox as the data server to LiveCloud (with all its expected benefits) but considering all the (in my view) "critical issues" (*) I've seen since the product was introduced I'm wondering if this would be a wise decision.

If you have a (LiveCloud based) reliable & performing application that has been in production for a while (CanelaDB apps doesn't count) would you be willing to share details? How many Tables / Records? where are most of your users and which LCM location are you using? how you deal with the above mentioned "critical issues"? etc, etc

LiveCloud has a fantastic value proposition for Livecode programmers but it seems is not yet delivering to promise. May be I should wait a while before going into production with LiveCloud

Hope I'm wrong (and Mark is listening...)

(*) Slow response, not able to authenticate, broken access after a CanelaDB update, long time to get answers for posts on the forum, etc.
To ";" or not to ";" that is the question

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