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I am building an application that uses LiveCloud and hence I am assuming tsnet as the network interface.
During a test period with a surface Laptop network connectivity was flaky. I am not sure where the problem was from. I wonder if any testing has been done using outdated Windows computers or under updated. This particular machine was exhibiting incomplete network connectivity. I am requesting the user to do a Windows 10 update to that machine and then re-testing the networking to see problems are corrected. Very interesting. 
I had the application running on 2 machines and saw connectivity problems. One machine was not capable of downloading all of the data with the same quality and connectivity, and reliability.
I will keep you informed.
Hi Clarence,

We do rely on tsNet for all networking. The network reliability matters when making network calls. Lower powered computers will work just fine. Memory (RAM) is the most important thing since this is a RAM database. Computer (CPU) is useful when doing large array work. You might see this when you do large batch processing or syncing of large tables.

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