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testing internet connectivity
I have run a couple of test with my application and have run a test by running my application and then turning off my wifi connection. When I turn the wifi back on, my application locks up or sometimes even crashes. 
What should I be doing in my scripts to prevent thest failures? By the way, these were executable applications so it's hard to tell where the errors occurred.
What are the best practices to code this connectivity test? I have not tried this with the runtime version of the application.
According to LiveCode, we should never experience a crash. If we do, the issue is on their side. The worst we should get is an execution error. That said, this is not really useful to your situation. Your method of testing is valid. The best thing to do is make sure you are testing with version 9.5 stable. If the crashing is consistent, you should file a bug report with LiveCode and provide them crash logs.

I have seen tsNet get very unhappy at times. You will notice it on a desktop with a tool for showing CPU usage. You will see the LiveCode executable jump to 100% for an extended period of time. I have an update coming out that may help with this. I found a bug in the libraries that causes the libraries to retry beyond the timeOutInterval setting. I will release these updated libraries after I finish the testing phase.

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