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Version 2.3.6 released
Hello friends. We pushed version 2.3.6 late in the day yesterday. LiveCloud Manager will automatically download the udpate for you. We highly suggest you update your projects with the new libraries. All of the regions have been updated as well.

######## VERSION 2.3.6 (2019/10/09)
News: IMPORTANT CHANGES! The CanelaDB libraries have been updated with improvements in performance. While not required, it is highly suggested that you export the Toolkit to take advantage of these improvements.
- - - - - - - - - -
Improved: Optimized performance of cloud writes by not repeating 3 times on failed attempts. This would cause unnecessary wait times.
Improved: No longer looking for a response from the server when doing a sync of source "local". This will improve the performance of sync significantly because the server was sending back the entire synced data set unnecessarily.
Improved: Cloud responding to clients of sync with source 'local' to keep compatible in the event older libraries are still in service. But, sending very light data back to give clients using older libraries a big performance boost.
Improved: Updated the read related APIs to read missing data from the cache system through the instance.
Improved: csi_writeCacheFile changed to write request with the TableID instead of a UUID. Makes it easier to debug.
Improved: Removed deprecated code from csi_deleteCloud
Improved: cdb_batchCreateCloud has schema checker turned back on
Improved: cdb_batchCreateCloud will officially allow recordIDs to be passed in the cdb portion of the array
Improved: cdb_batchCreateLocal error checking code has been brought back
Improved: cdb_batchCreateLocal will will enable you to pass your own recordID in the cdb portion of the array
Improved: cdb_batchCreateLocal will now clean the cdb portion of the array
Improved: csi_configCache will store the cached file to disk vs just putting it in RAM.
Improved: Updated batch sync to work with recent changes to read from cache code.
Improved: Made checking for multi-part processing more aggressive
Improved: Shortened the default value for rebuilding of full table cache
Improved: We now build cached configs with an authKey
Improved: Updated all cache building calls to include pRead and pContext values

Bugfix: Log cleaning bugs fixed
Bugfix: The cloud instances were improperly using the passed tableID with cdb_teamID in cdb_lookUpValueLocal. This caused the call to fail and return empty data to the client.
Bugfix: Cache rebuilding APIs will not rebuild all the tables when passed 'true' in the config file.
Bugfix: Cache rebuilding bots would hang if a bad tableID was passed
Bugfix: Changed returned result format for cache downloading to include both true and false results from downloading. This enables other APIs to know what we received from the cache and what needs to be downloaded from the instance due to missing cache files.
Bugfix: cdb_batchCreateCloud will replace index with recordID. This was needed for the caching system to work with creates. The result before this fix was a cache that was built on the index value instead of the recordID. Thus, no one would be able to read that record. Also, it would replace itself with the next createCloud.
Bugfix: Modified where the hardware id is stored for mobile devices to the 'cache' folder. This aligns with were we store other CanelaDB files where we need write permission.
Bugfix: cdb_pingNode() does not work if you pass a table name.
Bugfix: Removed shell calls from mobile setup APIs as mobile OS will not allow shell calls to be made.
Bugfix: Freshly created accounts that do not authenticate afterward will not be able to loadTable with freshly stored data.
Bugfix: When creating a new account, the developer would not be able to decrypt cached files.
Bugfix: When receiving an updated config data, the needed data from the download was not properly saving the updated data inside of the locally saved config file.
Bugfix: Instance caching system was not playing nicely when tasked to cache multiple tables at the same time.

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