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Version 2.3.7 released
Hello everyone,

We just pushed another update that fixed some regression bugs and contains some new features.

We will need to update the documentation for the APIs to reflect these recent advancements.

######## VERSION 2.3.7 (2019/10/11)
News: IMPORTANT CHANGES! While not required, it is highly suggested that you export the Toolkit to take advantage of these improvements.
- - - - - - - - - -
Added: New batch sync API: cdb_batchSync

Improved: Updated cdb_tableID to accept '*' as a param. This will return a list of all tableIDs filtered without cdb* (internal tables)

Bugfix: Fixed a regression bug where cdb_batchCreateLocal would not allow cdbRecordIDs to be passed. If you desire to pass your own cdbRecordID, please pass it in tInputA["cdb"]["cdbRecordID"]
Bugfix: Fixed a regression bug where cdb_batchCreateCloud would only store the first record in the database for each table.

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