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Region Update
Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads up, I'm going to update the server-side libraries for all the regions. The Accounts and Users servers will be down for about 5 minutes. I will begin the process at 1:15 PST. This will be followed by an update to LCM sometime today.

These updates will allow developers to customize the emails sent to users. These emails include the verification email for new users, the forgot password email, and the temporary password email. We will host custom html email files for you on ours servers. You will be able to upload html files through LCM. Developers will also be able to specify a landing page for the verification email and the forgot password email. You will be able to choose your preference, "custom" or "default", for emails and landing pages. These settings will be managed through LCM.

As always, you will be able to see more details about these updates in the LCM change log once you receive the update. Happy coding!

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