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Query cdbDateModified
Hello everyone! 

A few weeks back I inquired about returning the cdbDateCreated subkey value of the key "cdb" (which is measured in seconds from the beginning of the eon). 

I was able to do this by unpacking the array into lines (e.g., "cdbDateCreated" is line 2 of that array):

put cdb_lookUpValue(table, tLine, "cdb", "cloud") into tTempHolder
combine tTempHolder using return
put line 2 of tTempHolderinto tHolder

Now I would like to query  the "cdbDateCreated" subkey via cdb_Query to find values after a certain point in time. No clue how I would write that (i.e., x > line 2 of "cdb"). Anyone know how to do this? 

cdb_Read(________,">","538198318" … )
Hi JereMiami,

All "cdb" keys can be queried using cdb_query. You can find all records after a certain point in time using the following:

put cdb_query("cdbDateCreated", ">", tSeconds, tTableName, tTarget, tResultFormat) into tOutputA


tSeconds is the point in time in seconds
tTableName is the name of the table to query
tTarget is "local" or "cloud"
tResultFormat is "recordList" or "recordData"

tOutputA will contain all records that meet the query criteria.
Thanks so much. I will give it a try!
Success! Thanks so much.

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