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Thumbs Up!
I like the update that you did with the extended field in the LCM.
Would you be willing to share the code?
Hi Clarence,

Glad to hear you liked the update.
Is there a specific part of the feature you're interested in?
I would like to learn how to add the checkbox graphic to the end of the field and then open the new window.
I realize that my question is NOT really a LiveCloud question.
If possible we can take this off-line.
The checkbox graphic is a built-in svg. I show it if the formattedWidth of the field is greater than the width of the field. When the checkbox graphic is clicked I show the extended field ui I created then I set the text of the field in the extended ui to the text of the original field. The update button replaces the text of the original field with the text of the extended field then calls the update routine.
Thanks, I'll be trying something like this is an application, soon.

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