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LCM Update
This is a good update. THUMBS UP!
Can you expand some information on the section:
" We are now using the industry standards when deleting you project,aka child proof.(Credit Tom Glod)"
Is this a reference to "Relational Integrity"? Where you cannot delete a table that has some kind of child record links?
Hi Clarence,

This update requires you to enter a specific phrase when you try to delete a project to protect it from being deleted accidentally.

We have plans of natively supporting relational data with APIs instead of having to manually manage recordIDs as linking keys. Protecting "relational integrity" will be a good idea once we have this architecture in place.
Thanks for the reply.

I just tested the Delete Table in the LCM. This is good!
For any other users:
A message box will prompt you for the phrase that you need to type in order to Delete a Project. This is a good safety feature.

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