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Version 2.5.7 Released
######## VERSION 2.5.7 (2020/04/01)
News: IMPORTANT CHANGES! While not required, it is highly suggested that you export the Toolkit to take advantage of the changes mentioned in this update.
- - - - - - - - - -

Bugfix: cdb_auth will build a new hardwareID if the local file that holds this value is empty.
Bugfix: We changed internal use of codeUnits back to chars. CodeUnits may have negative effects that are not intended. Chars is still a valid command and more accurately reflects what we need.

Improved: cdb_importJSON has been improved to support importing data from older versions of LCM. Special formatting of JSON data must be observed. Please see the documentation for more information.
Improved: cdb_importJSON and cdb_importCSV will automatically build missing keys from your schema of imported data.
Improved: cdb_importJSON and cdb_importCSV will maintain cdbRecordIDs if they are present in the data being imported. This is helpful if you want to maintain database relationships. 
Improved: cdb_importJSON and cdb_importCSV will now get an SDK update automatically to ensure we have the last information on table keys for a given table.
Improved: cdb_addKeys, cdb_createTable, cdb_renameKey will not be as restrictive in its illegal char check. We will now allow colons in key names.
Improved: LCM is more efficient when importing CSV and JSON data by removing a final sync that is no longer needed.

As you can see, this update comes with some big improvements to JSON and CSV import. You no longer need to build your keys before importing data. The API will handled it all for you. Other useful tidbits are in there as well. The docs are going to need an update to match the changes. That will come soon.

Enjoy the update!

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