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What is hardwareID?
Hello! In the cdbUser table, one key is hardwareID. What can this be used for? It's not mentioned anywhere in the documentation, as far as I can see.
Getting the deviceID to enable push notifications etc is important in many apps - is the LiveCloud hardwareID useful in this sense?
Hi. The hardwareID is a unique value that is created for each person that is using your app with CanelaDB. You can use it for tracking purposes. The hardwareID is not guaranteed to last forever as anyone can reinstall their OS or delete the file that contains the hardwareID. Should this happen, a new ID is created. It is being used as part of the tracking information for cdb_auth().

You are free to use the ID as you see fit. It will be part of the tracking APIs when they are released.
OK, thanks for the quick answer. Good to know that it's a value created by LiveCloud and not related to actual deviceID or similar.

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