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Blob Viewer Stack to incorporate into projects
Hi Guys

I was wondering if its possible to release a BLOB viewer stack that people can use to incorporate into their projects?

Very similar to the login stack that you guys provide-, which makes it easy to get the basis of a projects started.

then all devs have to do is pass a BLOB id in the stack to and you have a Built in BLOB viewer from your own livecloud application.

you could also put it into the samples stack or the page that you use to export your toolkit. You can also add a button to replace the BLOB

that would be a great feature

Another really cool feature will be a button that enables a user to email a link to download the Blob. sort of like a Dropbox shared link.

This can be incorporated into the email feature, since there is an existing API

or we could come up with a piece of code and post it here for this

Hi Sid,

Your idea is excellent. We love to provide tools to make all of these things more comfortable to get started. I will put it on our list of things to do.

For those that may require more code examples for BLOBS, you can find some in the Restaurant app in the LCM Samples section. The example code there is easy to follow and useful for those that want more code examples.

After the cdb_calcUpdate function is released, I am repurposing myself to Appli full-time. I'll make a new post about Appli with some more details.
Thanks Mark

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