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What is Appli?
We released LiveCloud officially at the last LiveCode conference. We also demoed an early version of Appli during our session. The attendees showed great interest in our work on Appli and even pulled me aside to tell me how they would use this technology. 

We are creating Appli to complement LiveCode and LiveCloud. I view it as the missing story in the trilogy.

You can think of Appli as a focused IDE for business apps. Appli will connect your data to UI and the other way around. 

If you have enjoyed using tools with modern layout elements like Keynote and Adobe XD, you will be happy to hear that Appli is bringing that to LiveCode developers. Appli will enable developers to bring their business apps to life faster than ever before. We know that newcomers to LiveCode that come from low-code environments find UI integration with data in LiveCode to be a hard transition.

I am not going to get into all the features of Appli right now. This announcement is more akin to the smell of cookies when you visit grandma's house. You can't eat the cookies just yet. Sit back and enjoy the aromas as they waft about the forum.

We think this news is very relevant to LiveCloud users because we keep getting requests for examples of how to connect your UI to your data.  For the time being, we will make announcements on our progress with Appli here. We are looking for a soft launch by the end of the summer of 2020.

A video showing aspects of Appli will be released shortly.
Wow, this sounds interesting! Looking forward to it!
Hi WhenInSpace. We are pretty excited about it too. We want this tool to speed up or development as well. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm.

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