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cdb_sendEmail in the future
I received the following question via email. I am bringing it to the forums because we would like to hear your thoughts.


Hello when I sent the mail it appeared in the spam folder and gmail told me that the email sent might be malicious. Is there  a way to prevent this or that is what will happen. 

We are using a 3rd party provider for the email feature. This is a problem for us as well. We have been working on our email reputation, but it is not perfect. We probably have to pay more money to get a dedicated IP for just our use. But, having everyone use this API will only put it at risk. It may be an API that we eventually have to remove from CanelaDB. It will not serve anyone for serious work.

But, we still have some potential value for everyone. We worked to wrap the SendGrid API for our email feature. We could have anyone that wants to get their own account and feed cdb_sendMail with your own SendGrid Authentication API key. Then, we could send the emails through your account and protect you from other users. That would be a better solution than what we have now.

This is not something we are going to work on just now. We thought it would be good to get people thinking about the direction options we can take on this API.
Why don't you guys add a feature within livecloud that enebles a dev to add a smtp, or pop3 credentials to a project.

This way if the domain is linked to the project then there is a less chance of it being spammed.

It is most likely a serious dev will have a dedicated domain with an email account with the app/company . These usually come with their own email systems
Hi Sid,

If you want to use your own email server, tsNet in LiveCode already provides an API. Look up tsNetSmtp in the LiveCode dictionary.

Here is one of many articles that detail considerations for both options.
Thanks again. I didn't know about the tsNetSMTP function .

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