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Truncated table names - feature request
Hi LiveCloud team,

I may be missing a way to deal with this, but so far I can't see a way around this: 
Long table names are truncated (which is fine), but there is no way to see long table names in full within the LCM interface after creation. In a previous version, hovering over the table would show a tooltip with the table name concatenated with the tableID, but currently this shows me the tableID only.

The width of the Tables column is fixed. So other than redesigning everything (in this particular case, the table names match array names, which in turn are taken from data exported from a medical system), it relies on me semi-guessing the table name after it's been created.

Solutions could be to make the Table column resizable or have the table name show up in the tooltip again - but actually i am hoping the table name ± tableID could be put into the 'Data' header that sits above the key names as it serves no real purpose (and perhaps make it selectable so that either the name or ID can be copied for scripting etc).

I'm hoping this can be considered as a feature request.

A screenshot to illustrate:

[Image: file]

Many thanks for considering this...
Hi Stam. We add the table name next to Data's header. This can be done pretty quickly.

I'll make a feature request to be able to resize the 'Tables' column.

We took at the previous naming as we want to separate the ID from the actual name as some people (us) use UUIDs as table names. This made it difficult to remember which value was the ID and the table name.
I just brought back the previous behavior when hovering with additional information to prevent confusion. This will show up in the next update.

[Image: tooltip_small.png]
Thanks Mark - that will be helpful.
Had to spend a bit of time debugging an error that was caused by accidentally adding a "]" to the end of a one of the table names... would have been so much quicker (and probably avoided completely) if i was able to view the entire table name in LCM!.

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