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every now and again SDK becomes unusable...
Hi Stam,

In your direct emails, you mention the DataGrid. I am not strong with how the DG works in code. My first thoughts were name-space collisions. Our names are pretty unique, and I would guess Trevor's are as well.

We have an on libraryStack that moves the authkey from a global to a script local. This process is designed to run only once. But, if the libraryStack handler fires for any reason, the global value will replace the value of the script local variable.

This process works fine the first time it happens. But, the following line puts empty into the global. Thus, if the handler fires again, the value is replaced with empty. This conclusion would not be good.

We have code that verifies this handler is relevant to canelaDB, but for some reason, the variable management happens before the check. We will fix that.

In your code, I found that you have a line in stack "CoreLab3" (line 26) that overwrites the gCDBAuthKey. The contents are from the internal debug/logging variable we use. This new value from that line will break CanelaDB's ability to decode your config file. We will fix the output from cdb_auth() to not contain the log value. But, even if we empty it, you will introduce a new value into gCDBAuthKey. Ultimately, this is probably not the core of the problem, but worth noting. You might want to change that to: get cdb_auth(...). I would classify this as a documentation bug on our part for not pointing this out.

Let me get a new build of the libraries with both of these changes introduced. Your feedback on this will help us solve this mystery.


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