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Version 2.8 released
Hello to everyone. We pushed LCM version 2.8. The notable changes are listed below. Enjoy!

Added: Mac engine is code-signed, notarized, and stapled
Improved: Account deletion and paid subscription cancellations will take effect on the first of the following month and refunds will no longer occur
Improved: Engine updater works with modern OS expectations
Improved: Updated Mac and Win engines to LC 9.6.2 rc 3
Improved: Hovering over a table's name will generate a tooltip for tableName and tableID
Improved: Handle importing CSV files that contain quote delimited values and values containing multiple lines
Improved: Added region details to exported invoices
Bugfix: Keys may not show correctly in the header when they are removed or added
Bugfix: Adding keys during a CSV or JSON import can lose notion of the current project
Bugfix: Error occurred when entering non-ASCII characters into the credit card form
Bugfix: UI bugs displaying the list of credit cards in the billing tab

One more thought: If your Mac fails to auto-update to the notarized version, please download a new installer.

Our testing showed that the update should happen automatically. But, these things can be tricky.


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