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Version 2.7.5 Released
We fixed three bugs and provide one improvement with this update.

Bug fix: We had a rare but possible issue with one of our internal indices that tracks the tableName references to the tableID. It was possible for the cdbCache Table to have two references in the index. This issue could cause an app to fail to sign in when the credentials were correct.

Bug fix: We now insure that the config file is updated on disk when an appropriate change has been made to the database configuration. 

Bug fix: There was a bug that would not allow you to sign out of LCM from the Accounts screen.

Improvement: We added a new API - cdb_autoSetupAuthKey(). This API will allow you to place your initializeCanelaDB handler (from your exported sdk) to be placed anywhere in your app. Before, you had to place that handler in your mainstack script or the script of card 1 of your mainstack. Please see the online docs for details on how to use this API (https://docs.livecloud.io/AutoSetupAuthKey/).


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