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Cdb_blob migration tool
Hi everyone,

We are making some major changes to our blob architecture. As a result, we will need to build a migration tool for our users to convert current blob objects to the new format. We will also be adding additional keys to the cdb_blob table. We would like to have a better understanding of how you are currently using our blob feature so that we can build a migration tool that make sense for all of you. Currently, we are leaning toward two possible solutions:

1. Having the migration tool built into LCM for manual migration.
2. Automatically migrate the current blob object to the new format on any relevant blob cloud calls. 

We would appreciate any inputs that you might have. 

Jason Lam
Hi Jason.
I have added some keys to my cdbBlobs: Type, comment and equipmentType.

I use the cdbBlobs to store PDF manuals for equipment and also to store binary files that are used to store setup files for equipment.

I am anticipating storing text files and word and/or excel files too.

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