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Android Support Notice
Yesterday, we learned about an issue that will affect all LiveCode Android developers. LiveCloud servers use Let's Encrypt SSL certs. 

A recent change in how Let's Encrypt SSL certs work will break apps made in LiveCode before version 9.6.5.

The solution is to rebuild your app in LiveCode 9.6.5. We tested 9.6.5 with our Appli Player. Everything works as expected.

Please let us know if you have any problems.
I want to post an update here regarding Android development. We have learned that if you are on an Indy license, you need to move to LC 9.6.5 rc 2 for development. There is a bug where tsNet may not initialize in 9.6.5 rc 1.

Whenever doing mobile development, do not forget to pay attention to LiveCodes mobile SDK compatibility recommendations. In this case LC 9.6.5 rc2 goes with Android Studio with the Android 11.0 SDK.

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