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Using Livecloud on a website
Hi Mark,

I do appreciate your explanations a lot.
There are still some points I feel a bit confused though. (Not in a negative way)

The idea to have a tool that offers XD like design using LiveCode programming and connection to a robust database sounds terrific.

I'm still concerned about the pricing. If you look at products that do what you propose, you can charge something like $400 to $1500, which is a big no-go for me.
In this case, there are alternatives. And to tell the truth I don't really believe that this kind of platform where you just develop by drag and drop.

And I'd be very happy to try your MVP and report my opinion on it.

I'm writing a mail to hello@appli.i right now.

Hi Philipe,

I am happy to answer any questions you have. We will release our pricing on our new site in a couple of weeks.

The coding model we are developing is not complete. It is a very early version of the experience. We work very hard to make the logic as full-featured as writing the code yourself.

Here are some observations that may not be apparent. The actions you can drag into place still require logic skills. That is not going away. But, the programs you create with Appli will eventually be bug-free. Once people have used an action enough times, they will work as expected every time.

Most of the parameters/arguments are guided. For example, you can not enter a number where a boolean is expected. A drop-down will provide only true/false. This model will minimize coding errors.

Eventually, we will have working templates that will allow people not inclined to do complete programming to very quickly a template in shape. They will be able to change colors, typography, and simple placement speedily and already have a working app will all logic already in place.

The model will eventually allow multiple people to be in the same project, at the same time, getting stuff done. We see great opportunities for collaboration between team members and clients.

All said, this model may not appeal to everyone. And, that is ok. We live in a world where there are thousands of solutions for getting something done.


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