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Weird missing file...
Hi Mark, my preference is to use a separate library folder. If LiveCloud is set up to NOT remove other files, that's ok. I have intentions to use my own Library files extensively.
Thanks Clarence for your input. We want to be as flexible as possible with all of your workflows. This is an area would be make a change and not break anyone. But, if the majority of you will use your own folders, then we will let the current method ride.
I forgot to mention the fact that my extensive use of libraries makes sense for me to create my own library folder.
for instance, I use an AppData library that deals with all of my Data Calls, and I am now using a MenuLibrary that lets me deal with my different and common menus in my applications. For instance, I have several cards that use some common menu options along with several menus each. I also have a resources library. I am sure that my wandering mind will come up with more. I truly like to modularize my applications. it keeps my code in strategic places for editing and updating.
hi Mark, I don’t feel strongly either way, I just used that location because of convenience for a script, but it’s not critical.
What is more critical is to document this and make it very clear to all users not to use this location - I was lucky in that I had backups and could restore the missing file, others may not be so lucky (then again others probably wouldn’t do what I did!)

maybe also not instakill any other file that’s in there with no warning?

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