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updating one table from multiple apps
Hello. I have some ideas about how what I'm about to ask may work but a quick tip would be helpful. How do I set up more than one app to update the same LiveCloud table?

Simple example situation: I have a LiveCode app I'm using for development and to build my understanding of LiveCloud. But what I ultimately want is to update a suite of existing LiveCode apps so that instead of talking to tables in a MySQL database they'll be talking to analogous tables in LiveCloud, the same tables my dev app talks to. Hope that's possible and guess that it is.

Is it just a matter of putting those LiveCode apps in the same folder as my dev/LiveCloud learning app and putting the same initialization scripts in each LiveCode app? Or is there more to it? Thanks in advance.

You are on the right track. You can set up multiple LiveCode apps to talk to the same LiveCloud project and tables by exporting the LiveCloud toolkit for that project and placing the CanelaDB folder and LiveCode app in the same folder. The same initialization script would also be placed in each LiveCode app. Don't forget to sync your data for each app to ensure the data is up to date.

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