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Livecloud x Dropbox performance
Hi, I have this APP where I use Dropbox to upload pictures to the cloud and I'm considering to replace DB by Livecloud.

Before releasing the Livecloud based APP into production I decided to put together a simple test (stack attached that basically uploads a 200K picture)  in order to compare the performance of both options and  the results show that Livecloud is outperformed by Dropbox in 5 out of 6 samples (see attached table). 

In average an upload to Livecloud is 36% slower than to Dropbox.

I wonder if there is something I didn't consider in order to get better results from Livecloud (force sync?).

Many thanks in advance.

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.zip   LCM Test.livecode.zip (Size: 557.48 KB / Downloads: 4)
To ";" or not to ";" that is the question
Hi Simon,

I downloaded your sample stack and put together my own using the code in your "LCM" button.

This is my button script (it's almost identical to yours):

on mouseUp
local tData, tPath, tBlobID, tStart, tEnd

export snapshot from image "LCMImage" to tData as JPEG
put tData into url ("binfile:" & specialFolderPath("documents") & "/" & "mypicture.jpg")
put "mypicture.jpg" into tPath

put the millisecs into tStart
put cdb_createBlob(tPath, "cloud") into tBlobID
put the millisecs into tEnd

if not cdb_result() then
answer "failed createBlob"
put tEnd - tStart
end if
end mouseUp

The following results were using developer auth:

--sample1: 1.536 seconds
--sample2: 1.578 seconds
--sample3: 1.726 seconds
--sample4: 2.110 seconds
--sample5: 1.563 seconds
--sample6: 1.322 seconds
--avg: 1.639 seconds

After running those tests I noticed you were using user auth. So I ran my tests again and got the following results using user auth:

--sample1: 2.143 seconds
--sample2: 1.644 seconds
--sample3: 1.353 seconds
--sample4: 1.537 seconds
--sample5: 2.214 seconds
--sample6: 1.230 seconds
--avg: 1.686 seconds

One reason for the differences in our results could be location. My account is on the San Francisco region and I'm located in Southern California. Another could be network speed. Other than that your code looks good. There aren't any changes I would make.
Hi Efrain, many thanks for your answer.

My remarks are:

- you don't compare your results against Dropbox which is my main question.
- it would be interesting to see what you get being in San Francisco for both environments.

To ";" or not to ";" that is the question
Hi Efarin, can you please run the comparison between Livecloud and Dropbox? The perfomance I'm getting is quite poor and I need to know where the problem is because it could make me give up using LiveCloud (which I really don't want to)

To ";" or not to ";" that is the question

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