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cdbUsers table non-responsive on all projects (UK)

Using UK server.

cdbUsers table in all projects has some problems now. The table is non-responsive. All other tables can be read in LiveCloud Manager, but not cdbUsers.

In apps this is the response given:

(2020-02-16 12:44:43.151): Local authentication unsure: no local data to verify
(2020-02-16 12:44:43.519): Cloud authentication - received nonse value
(2020-02-16 12:44:43.802): Cloud authentication - received apiKey
(2020-02-16 12:44:43.802): Cloud authentication passed
(2020-02-16 12:45:14.149): Error: The server response could not be downloaded at this time.
(2020-02-16 12:45:14.149): Error: There was a problem getting a response from the server for cdb_batchQueryCloud request.

It's been like this a couple of hours now.

What's happening? Updates? 

Br /John
Hi Bizbuzz,

The issue has been corrected.

The User server had stopped processing requests. We are looking into what caused the issue. Our initial guess is cloning a project might have caused it but we'll know more after some testing. We'll update you once we find more.

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